Mallmore is owned by the Gansey Charitable Trust
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History of Mallmore

The history of Mallmore is tied in with the history of the Port St Mary Beach Mission.
Mallmore was one of many guesthouses and hotels on the Promenade, Port St Mary.  The Isle of Man was a favorite holiday destination for people from the Manchester/Liverpool area as well as Central Scotland
The Port St Mary Beach Mission was setup in 1901 and has run every year apart from the war years.

Very early on Dublin House on the Promenade became the base for the Mission.  Dublin House is adjacent to Mallmore. Eventually Dublin House was bought by the Matheson family who were the Beach Mission leaders.

The Mission was primarily for holidaymakers who came from many parts of the UK and filled the guesthouses on the Promenade. Mallmore became the unofficial HQ for the “Friends of the Mission” 

Towards the end of the 1960s, package holidays to places with guaranteed sunshine enticed visitors away from the island and one by one the guesthouses were sold as housing until only Mallmore was left by the 1980s. This allowed the Beach Mission to change its emphasise from holidaymakers to local children and rather than numbers decreasing they increased and so the team had to expand. The Beach mission leadership wanted to involve more local people and SUMT (Scripture Union Ministries Trust) were to play a big role in this.  

Meanwhile the Matheson family handed over the leading of the Beach Mission, this meant that in 1996 Dublin House had to be sold. With some of the proceeds from the sale of Dublin House, donations from Mission supporters and a large donation from Anne Alexander, a long time supporter along with her husband Nick, Anne purchased Mallmore and made it available for the Beach Mission to use via the Gansey Charitable Trust (GCT). GCT run B&B to raise money to keep Mallmore maintained. 

 In 2003 the Beach Mission Leaders became the Trustees of GCT and took on the running of Mallmore.  

A number of years later SUMT under the leadership of Alex and Amanda Brown wanted to run a paid gap year where the “gappers” were sponsored by a Church. The “gappers” were to live in Mallmore in “community”, receive training and undertake a project for their sponsoring church. The Gansey Charitable Trust which owned Mallmore took a step of faith and handed over Mallmore to SUMT for the whole year except when Beach Mission was running. As well as hosting the “gappers” Mallmore also became the SUMT HQ.   The Gap Year scheme was very successful but came to a natural end. Mallmore continued to be the base for SUMT including staff accommodation. However as the staff team changed and had their own accommodation, Mallmore was bigger than SUMT needed. So SUMT took the opportunity to move Manor Ark in Douglas, a more central location.    

Mallmore continues to host the Beach Mission . It runs as a hostel (bookable via AirBNB) during the TT and Manx Grand Prix motorcycle events. This allows the facilities to be used at other times by SUMT and groups. 

The Beach Mission, Mallmore and SUMT have played a great part in many people’s lives both on and off island and we are grateful to God for provision of people and resources.